Genuine Toyota Oil Filter - Element oil filter

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Enjoy Toyota's legendary reputation for quality and reliability for the lifetime of your vehicle. Changing your oil at the right oil change intervals and using Genuine Toyota oil and filters is the best way to extend vehicle life. Toyota's element engine oil filter 04152-WAA01 helps achieve peak performance and durability. Using quality oil filter helps improve oil flow volume, remove debris and reduced engine wear. And a Genuine Toyota filter balances filtration efficiency, oil volume and removal of particles. The right filter for your Toyota engine oil is a Genuine Toyota Filter. Toyota Genuine Parts have filter media for conventional motor oils and synthetic oil. So, you can expect top performance with any type of oil. So, when choosing the right parts for your Toyota vehicle, choose the best oil filter brand. And Toyota filters designed for ideal oil pressure and filtration for great performance. And pair it with the best engine oil on the market, Genuine Toyota Motor Oil.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 04152-WAA01

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